Community Foundation Announces Giving Pledge

SALINA, Kan.— The Greater Salina Community Foundation is excited to announce a community wide giving pledge to raise future funds for local nonprofits through the Give Back 5 Community Giving Pledge Campaign. The campaign challenges individuals to commit to donating at least 5% of their retirement or other investment accounts to local nonprofits by designating nonprofits as a charitable beneficiary. The beneficiary designation allows donors to designate their money directly to charity to be used by the charity immediately, or to a fund at the Greater Salina Community Foundation that will provide the charity with annual long-term support.

“Our goal is to secure 125 individual pledges by June 30, 2025,” said Jessica Martin, President and Executive Director of the Greater Salina Community Foundation. “The Community Foundation was established 25 years ago by over 100 founding donors coming together to create a platform for charitable giving. We see this as a fun way to engage the next generation to carry on that legacy and support our local nonprofits that make our community a great place to call home!”

Strengthening Nonprofits

The Give Back 5 Community Giving Pledge was started by a local committee made up of financial advisors, nonprofits and the Greater Salina Community Foundation to inspire local giving and strengthen our community’s future resources for the next generation. They believe nonprofits contribute to the community’s social, economic, and cultural wellbeing and are committed to helping build nonprofit capacity through the Community Giving Pledge.

“Wedel Financial Group has always prided itself on giving back to the community that has given so much to us as individuals and professionals,” said Aaron Wedel, Committee Member and Financial Advisor at Wedel Financial Group. “We are supporting the Give Back 5 campaign because it is a great way for people of all ages to participate in the charitable values that make Salina such a great place to live. We are confident this campaign will allow local non-profits to provide the much needed services in our community for generations to come.”

Last year, over $13M was granted to local charities and projects by donors through funds held at the Community Foundation. Having funds that nonprofits can count on enables them to not only keep the lights on but also to focus on their mission and dream big.

“Planned gifts have a significant impact on nonprofits like Catholic Charities, ensuring that vital services such as emergency financial assistance, basic needs distribution, and mental health programs continue to support our neighbors in need today and for generations to come, without worrying about funding,” said Megan Robl, Committee Member and Executive Director of Catholic Charities of Northern Kansas. “The Salina community thrives because of the dedication of many nonprofit organizations that make it a special place. This type of giving empowers all of us to evolve and grow our crucial missions alongside the community's changing needs. These funds are instrumental in preserving the unique spirit of our community.”

Pledge Now, Give Later.

One of the great things about the Community Giving Pledge, is that because the nonprofit is listed as a beneficiary of the retirement account, individuals still have access to their funds during retirement years when it’s needed the most. After they are gone, the charity will receive 5% of the remaining balance.

“I chose to donate to the Give Back 5 campaign through my 401K because I love Hyllningsfest and Lindsborg,” said Jenell Hulse. “When I co-chaired Svensk Hyllningsfest, the financial situation was a stressor. I want to help eliminate that stress for future chairs so that this event will continue forever. Donating via my 401K allows me to give back to the Lindsborg community long after I am no longer able to physically serve.”

Donating an IRA or other retirement assets to charity may also result in substantial tax savings for an individual’s heirs and estate. Because charities do not pay income tax, the charity will receive the full amount designated through the account. It’s also an opportunity to create a meaningful and lasting legacy that represents your life’s work, passions and values.

Signing up for the pledge is easy. People can fill out a pledge card at their financial advisor’s office or online at